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Skanska in Slovak Republic

On this site you will find information about Skanska activities in the Slovak Republic.

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Construction and industry technologies assembly

Wholesale activities with a wide assortment of products in the air-distribution area also form an integral part of our portfolio of services.

 Technical Building Equipment

Technical building equipment constitutes the core element of our scope of activities. We delivered hundreds of installations to our customers all over Slovakia. Professional installation and commissioning services are provided by our qualified in-house staff with years of experience and valid certification.

Ventilation Systems

Our installations include large industrial buildings, shopping centers, smaller buildings, pools and damp premises, but also small fans. In terms of ventilation, we are able to provide our customers with required air exchange, temperature and humidity in any area. The services provided include design, engineering, delivery, installation, commissioning, as well as warranty and post-warranty service during the entire useful life of an installation.

-  Air-conditioning Systems

We have experience with the installation of A/C units ranging from small Split systems to large cooling systems with an output power of more than 1 MW. We provide customers with qualified staff, who guarantee commissioning of large air-conditioning systems and their reliable operation.

-  Heating Systems

We offer complex solutions to central heating and preparation of hot service water, starting from a boiler room through the complete distribution system up to end-point heating units, including system tuning and control system design. We are also ready to offer alternative sources, such as heat pumps, solar systems, and co-generation units.



Our company focuses on industrial installations. It has decades-long experience in this field and lots of satisfied customers, and takes further steps to strengthen its position in this section of the market.

-  De-dusting Systems and Pneumatic Transport

We offer comprehensive deliveries of dust control systems, including the delivery and installation of a filter, a fan and exhaust pipes, and collected dust removal. We also provide the whole engineering process, from preparation of project documentation through its authorization by authorities to project handover for use. The package includes perpetual servicing of de-dusting systems including overhauls to meet applicable legal standards. We contribute to the improvement of the environment by reducing emissions of pollutants from dusty facilities thanks to electrostatic and cloth filters.

Industrial Cooling and Ventilation Systems

We can arrange fabrication of refrigerants for process cooling by dry coolers or water- and air-cooled chillers. We can also provide professional consulting services to each customer as well as an optimum energy design to meet process cooling requirements.

-  Steel Structures

Structural steel is a standard part of our process-related installations, but we deliver steel structures separately as well. We will gladly provide our services to you, covering everything from design to erection of a structural steel framework or building.

Erection of Processing Lines

Our company has successfully erected several complete lines. On these projects, we were in charge of disassembly and reassembly of production lines as well as erection of new lines. Such jobs involve fitting machines in position, installing rails, mounting utility lines, and all other tasks related to the complex process of constructing a processing line. We see our strength in the ability to build a strong project team experienced in the implementation of large-scope projects in accordance with the client’s requirements


Ventilation and air conditioning wholesale 

We can provide to our partners the products of the manufactures: Airwell, AUX, Vortice, Dantherm.

Contractual cooperation with the producers ensures the compliance with the quality characteristics of products and also the assurance of the post-warranty service.

For more information about pricelists, certificates etc. in English, please contact us.