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Skanska in Slovak Republic

On this site you will find information about Skanska activities in the Slovak Republic.

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Fire extinguishing systems

We provide for the deliveries of stable water fire-extinguishing devices. Thanks to our own SHZ Training Centre, we can offer the instruction, improvement and maintaining both of knowledge and skills of workers performing assembly and maintenance of the equipment.

We can provide:
• complete project activities
• documentation for the zoning decisions
• documentation for pre building permit
• design execution documentation
• stable water fire-extinguishing equipment
• manufacturing of prefabricated piping
own prefabricated elements workshops the Prague, Ostrava and Košice locations
• delivery and assembly of sprinkler fire-extinguishing equipment
(wet system, dry system), water curtain, cooling systems
• maintenance and revision
• work execution standards: FM, NFPA 13, ČAP:CEA, CEA/VdS and other

SHZ Training Centre (Czech Republic)
The SHZ Training Centre, unique by its scope is intended for the instruction, improvement and maintenance of knowledge of the attendance employees and employees performing the assembly and maintenance of such equipment (including the EPS centrals)
Another target group are the members of fire squads and employees of the insurance companies’ associations.