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Skanska in Slovak Republic

On this site you will find information about Skanska activities in the Slovak Republic.

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Asbestos liquidation

We are focused on the removal and restoration of materials containing asbestos from various construction objects and technologies.

Asbestos is a designation for a natural substance used in the previous years due to its excellent physical and chemical characteristics. Unfortunately, recently it has been considered as one of the most significant harmful substances a person can be exposed to, due to its carcinogenic effects.

This fact has lead to the ban on the work with materials containing asbestos not only in the Slovak and Czech Republics but also in the majority of countries in the world.

Negative effects of asbestos must be considered especially in the building industry where the risk of exposure of workers to the asbestos dust is most significant. The risk grows significantly during non-professional removal or handling of materials containing asbestos which results in a health threat not only to the workers but to the population living in the vicinity of the construction where works with asbestos take place.

Current legislation lays down conditions for the work with asbestos protecting not only the workers but also the surroundings of the construction and subsequently the users of objects.

For this special activity, we are equipped with the necessary technology, knowledge, experience, and required license.

The areas where we can offer our help
Elaboration of the project for restoration and removal.
providing for the approval of the disposal plan by the local competent state administration authority
removal of asbestos materials
demolition of asbestos objects
cleaning of premises contaminated by asbestos dust
restoration of asbestos with the use of chemical preparations
removal and disposal of asbestos to the relevant landfill locations