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Skanska in Slovak Republic

On this site you will find information about Skanska activities in the Slovak Republic.

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Western Slovakia

We perform construction in the area of residential, general and industrial construction, including deliveries of technology for public and private investors. We also ensure technological deliveries in the chemical and power engineering industry.

• shopping – social centres
• office buildings
• production halls, warehouse and logistics centres
• hotels, sports facilities, buildings for education, airport terminals
• apartment units, complexes and terraced houses
• reconstructions of historical buildings

• water supply piping, drainage, piping systems, waste water treatment plants
• biogas stations, low-energy constructions
• technical hardware, terrain and park adjustments

• comprehensive services and deliveries of technological equipment for the chemical, paper and food industry, for power engineering, the oil-chemical industry, including storage of oil products and other technology improving the environment
• services and deliveries of technological equipment for the chemical industry and communal and industrial and ecological power
• electrical fitting and electrotechnology of weak and strong current for linear constructions, electrical stations, networks and buildings, including creation of distributors

• foundation of constructions
• complete delivery of monolithic ferroconcrete constructions
• comprehensive supplier activity in the area of  light glass-aluminium external cladding and facades, windows, door and skylights, production and fitting of firewalls, doors and windows, including deliveries of ZOTK, production and delivery of modular (block) facades, production and delivery of pre-hung and ventilated external cladding, delivery and assembly of aluminium and glass facing, project, production, delivery and assembly of intelligent facades, own production and to order machining of aluminium elements
• production of steel constructions and technological deliveries for the assembly of steel constructions, wall and roof cladding and skylights, steel constructions of industrial and commercial objects, including additional components and fitting of cladding