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Skanska in Slovak Republic

On this site you will find information about Skanska activities in the Slovak Republic.

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Product & Services

Our activities range from conventional construction, through the development and sale of materials and sophisticated technical solutions to comprehensive projects in the area of housing, commercial properties or building and operation of infrastructure.

Residential development

We develop new projects in the area of residential construction which we then sell via our own estate agency.

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Public Private Partnerships

We build public infrastructure within a partnership between the public and private sectors.

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Air-conditioning sale, assembly & service

Based on the requirements of our customers, we solve the issues of air-conditioning, ventilation, heating, measuring and regulation.

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Asphalt Mixture Sale & Laying

We provide for the production and laying of all types of compacted asphalt mixtures, including the modified ones.

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Small machinery rental service

We primarily offer the hire of small machinery, but we also provide customers with other services.

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Means of Transport Rental

Means of transport to rent both for your private and business needs.

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Asbestos liquidation

We are equipped with the necessary equipment, knowledge, skills and essential licences for this specialist activity.

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Fire extinguishing systems

We ensure for you the delivery of water and gas fixed fire fighting equipment. We are also capable of offering the services of our own fixed FES training centre.

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