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Skanska in Slovak Republic

On this site you will find information about Skanska activities in the Slovak Republic.

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Skanska & Sustainability

We believe that we are a responsible company. We want to meet the current needs in such a manner as does not threaten the attainment of needs of the future generations. We are governed by the values expressed in our Code of Conduct and our policy of “Five Zeros”.

We do not see the relationship to the environment as a label which anyone can stick on for the purposes of sponsoring. Several years ago in the firm we started with a comprehensive programme which ranges from details of the type of limiting paperwork or double-sided printing to massive investments in less harmful and lower energy technologies and practical training designed in cooperation with NGOs for each employee about how to apply ecological findings in day-to-day practice on the site.

We see our financial grant programmes, as a result of which we have already planted more than 62 thousand trees in the Czech and Slovak republics as an expression of thanks to the land (or more accurately, the earth) on which we are building.

Our priority values are always in compliance with sustainable development. On the following pages we deal with the opportunities and challenges which we regularly face, the policies and strategies which are intended to deal with these opportunities and challenges and the evidence of the fact that we do everything with the best knowledge and conscience.