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Skanska in Slovak Republic

On this site you will find information about Skanska activities in the Slovak Republic.

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What we look for

We are looking for experienced professionals and recent graduates who want to develop their potential and apply the knowledge and skills they have already acquired in the fields of civil engineering, residential development, transport construction, administration or other areas.

In our future employees we stress not only the attained qualifications, but we primarily evaluate their personal motivation, purposefulness, openness, communication skills and ability of strategic thought during teamwork.

If you want to find out whether or not we are the right firm for you, ask yourself the following questions. There are no right or wrong answers to these questions, but in this way we can find out whether we offer the right opportunities for you in particular.

Are you impressed by buildings or constructions?
Are you interested in how things work?
Do you always attempt to achieve your goals with persistence and full application?
Do you want to work for a company implementing large projects?
Do you want to change how we build and thus contribute to the permanently sustainable growth of our society?
Do you want to be a member of a team of people who attempt to achieve a common aim and also share the same values as you?
Are you interested in working in an ethical and well-mannered environment?
Are you a person of clear judgement who is interested in the people who you work with?
Do you always try to discover and gain new working opportunities?
Do you want to work for an international company which will offer you work in one place or in various places around the world?